Mario Balotelli, 23 anni e un compleanno super!

13 Agosto 2013   07:30  

Un messaggio d'auguri grande come una casa con su scritto "Tanti auguri fratello, you know we flying high" da Riddy e Antony.

Questo il "bigliettino" più bello ricevuto da Super Mario, scritto su un telo 6 metri per 6 e immortalato in un tweet dallo stesso Mario Balotelli.

Lui ringrazia a modo suo:

Thanks to everyone of you for wish me an happy birthday! Thank you sooooo much! 23;-) yea yea!

Un compleanno vissuto con la colonna sonora dei Chipmunk con Flying High.

You know we flying high
(Ay ay, ooh, ooh, ayy yeah)
I got 'em singing like
(Ay ay, ooh, ooh, ayy yeah)

Ten bottles today man
Lets drink 2 and spray 8
Yep, all over the damn place
Or in a haters damn face
Dolce and Gabanna, I aint into bandana's
Might fly to Barbados, try and find some Rihanna's
I'm running this jungle, can't touch me I'm hammer
And I'm a lion king, a kuna matatta
No worries at all, no footy, I ball
I'm on my Apple sh-t, women I'm Mac'ing 'em all
Capital summertime ball
Yeah I can rock a crowd, you saw that hook coming
Lets sing it loud
I'm stacking my chedder, I've never been better
It's now or it's never, you know we flying high


[Verse 2]
Still putting on for my team
And stupid n-ggas wifey's
And all the girls like me
Including the dikeys
The life of the party
My queen on my body
She smelling my neck, that's Issey Miyake
I keep it so cool, but I am no fool
These n-ggas with me don't know vocals but they pro-tools
Pour me a glass, toast G
I'm f-cking bossy, f-ck being Lowkey (ooh! )
And you know I can rock a crowd
You feel that hook coming, lets sing it now

[Hook x2]

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